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What's the EGF Congress? Institutional and Business LGBT Congress

Traditionally, the relationship between the business world and sexual diversity has been complex. Nevertheless, companies in developed countries are spending time and resources to become as inclusive as possible towards the LGTB community – lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals – creating a fairer society and knowing that they will improve their corporate results.

“To promote LGBT rights in companies produces a benefit for everyone, for LGBT people, for society and also for the company”. RICHARD BRANSON, Founder of the Virgin Group.

Under these premises, the 2nd Business and Institutional LGTB Friendly Congress has emerged in Spain, and will take place in Barcelona the 18th and 19th of June. New York, Hong Kong, Praga or London have already held such conferences with major sponsorships. Now, for the second time in Spain, leaders of multinational companies, outstanding LGTB professionals, and experts in human resources, marketing and sales will meet in this pioneering congress to share the advances and opportunities that arise from implementing and developing inclusive LGTB politics in the business, working, commercial, institutional and corporate areas.

““We want to make special emphasis in labour inclusion. The LGTB Community forms an important and dynamic group, over half of us have college degrees, and we all have a special interest for culture and new technologies, we focus on urban centres, have a outstanding spirit of overcoming difficulties and we offer unique professional knowledge. So, it is logical that several important companies spend resources to make their LGTB employees feel secure, visible and valuable. Emphasizing the diversity and inclusion of the LGTB community in the company develops creativity, unlocks talent and fosters happiness in employees and clients alike“. Jokin Egaña, Executive Director of Congreso EGF.

Practicing solid LGBT-inclusive policies in a company’s day-to-day activities generates brand value, consumer admiration and talent attraction for the millennials. These companies offer motivation, trust, respect and flexibility, an attitude any customer will appreciate. The economic impulse is also possible thanks to inclusion and diversity (i+d). The companies, corporations and institutions know it and don not want to stay behind.

Who is going to attend the Conference?

The congress will count with the participation of several important multinational companies (human resources directors, marketing managers, and employees in general), institutions, and universities, the latter seen as an educational tool to prepare students for an LGTB- inclusive. In addition elite sports agents will attend as a key factor to raise awareness in terms of LGTB inclusion in society.

PARTICIPATION OPTIONS 2017 EDITION |II Business and Institutional LGTB Friendly Congress

Conference Program / I+D: Inclusion + Diversity

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Opening act

Welcome and presentation of the Congress by the Director Jokin Egaña. Thanks to the City Council and city of Barcelona.  

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The Congress will be held through two intense days, dates to be confirmed.

The Cibernarium of Barcelona, ​​will host the Congress venue that will have two wide spaces differentiated. The first will be the Conference Room where presentations, discussion tables, and protocol activities such as the awards ceremony. The second will be the Professional Networking area where our sponsors will have information points and where networking and interviews will take place. In addition, this last space will host the registration area, rest area, coffee-breaks, photocall and other leisure activities.

Executives, human resources staff, coaches, marketing, communications and other employees of companies, institutions, universities, sports teams, associations ... as well as any entrepreneur who wants to know in detail that the momentum of the economy is also possible since Inclusion + Diversity.

All congress members will receive by mail a certificate of attendance at the II LGBT Friendly Business and Institutional Congress.

From this moment and through our web you can already fill out the registration form and make your reservation. We remind you that places are limited.

Yes. The Call For Paper period is open, so that through the web form you can send us your proposal. After the corresponding selection we would contact you. To inform you if your paper has been chosen. Commercial papers will not be accepted, but only those that add value to the congress. You can consult the topics to be discussed in the temporary program published on the web.

We will be happy to solve any doubt on the phone +34 936 743 344, or through the mail

Organised by / GRUPO EGF e IF EVENTS

This Business and Institutional LGTB-Friendly Congress is organized by the EGF Group (, a consulting firm specialized in the LGTB-related projects (responsible for the Spanish Gay-Friendly Business Association) and the business events agency IF Events (

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